Vol. 1   |   4.19.2006

It's a common problem. We see it every day — organizations faced with the complex challenge of designing and building functional facilities that truly serve their business goals.

That's why we created this newsletter... to help you capitalize on the ultimate building potential in your next project. Over the next few months, we'll share with you our lessons learned and provide insight into the essential ingredients in the Building Potential® process.

As Managing Partner of TAG international, I'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to join us in this discussion, as we explore the many aspects of planning, designing and managing a building project. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.

— TAG International, LLP

Introducing... 7 Steps to Building Potential®
How to Maximize Value in your Next Project

STEP 1: Concept Planning and Strategy

Rule of Thumb: Think Strategically.
Make it happen.

It all begins with strategic thinking. Whether you're a real estate investor, manufacturer or municipal government, your real estate and facilities choices should be viewed strategically — they are invaluable assets that provide competitive edge for your business or enable you to deliver essential benefits to the clientele that you serve.

The foundation for building potential is a solid understanding of the big-picture.

A clearly defined land development game plan allows you to make well-conceived decisions about how your new facilities will best align with your organization's overall strategy. This essential step entails the pro-active exploration of the real estate/facilities investment options available to you, an evaluation of the potential return on these investments, and the creation of effective strategies within the context of your key business goals to maximize value.

Project Spotlight

Ridge Reynosa Industrial Park – Reynosa, Mexico

When Ridge Property Trust, a rapidly growing real estate investment trust based in Chicago, decided to venture into Mexico for the first time, they turned to TAG International.

With a solid understanding of key Mexico markets, TAG provided in-depth strategic planning and land development expertise to assist Ridge in realizing and implementing their overall Mexico investment strategy. We identified a prime site in Reynosa, Mexico and facilitated an introduction for Ridge that led to the creation of a joint-venture partnership to develop the land. By recognizing the potential and bringing the parties together, we helped to create more than $65 million in new development value in the Reynosa market.

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